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Vintage Rock Magazine launches today!

C'mon Everybody- Vintage Rock Magazine

Vintage Rock celebrates a time when music really did change the world-45's, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. The magazine chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers-and why it's still the best way to live.

Vintage Rock covers a time of Mods and Rockers, crinoline skirts and blue jeans, rock star movies and screaming-girl concerts. This special magazine rejoices in the  music and verve of Elvis, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and a host more, and speaks to a contemporaray audience that relishes the vitality and flair of the era.

Issue one is out from Nov 17th in all WH Smiths  and also on sale in the USA at Barnes & Noble.

Priced £5.99 and published by Anthem

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